Remembering Third Grade

She went to Manatee Bay Elementary and what she remembers about third grade:

  • Teachers name – It was Miss Allen. She was a tall hispanic lady with two kids and some health problems during the year
  • The classroom had long tables split with three kids to a row, 24 kids in the class
  • There was a special teacher for art, music, library, and science
  • She’s a little unclear about what she learned in third grade.
  • She does remember studying for and taking third grade spelling tests. She is pretty sure that she got 100 on all of third grade spelling word lists. Lists were 20 words long

Music in Homeschooling

Music is a big part of our culture. Most people enjoy listening to it, some even play an instrument, and/or sing. There are some of us who picked up these talents later on into adulthood, but most started when they were kids. Yes, music is a big part of who we are in today’s modern world.  So, of course I have made sure to include it as part of our homeschool curriculum, with music history, fun music games, and lessons. Currently, my children are taking piano and guitar lessons. So, if you have never considered teaching your child about music, maybe now you might decided to. (;

3rd Grade Writing

Learning to write can be difficult for some children, easy for others. Now, I am not talking about penmanship, I am talking about using one’s imagination to create a story. For some, the words flow naturally, but for others it can be hard to just come up with a catchy title. What I found is that a good topic can really help get those juices flowing. That is why my children have just started a story about the Easter bunny. With Easter almost here, I figured how fun it would be to have them create a short story involving this character. Kids seem to really love it when you use themes in their homeschooling lessons and when they are happy, they tend to do better work.

Happy Easter!

3r Grade Reading

Since my children were learning to read, they have been hooked. They love it! They are always at the library looking for a new book to read and they will even use their allowance to buy an eBook from time to time. Besides the mystery, thriller, action adventure books, my children love to read books by homeschoolers, but I guess we all like to read books we can relate to. If your 3rd grader has not developed a love for reading yet, maybe try to find books that they can relate to. (;

3rd Grade Poetry

If you have wanted to have your third grader practice their writing skills, February is a unique opportunity to do just that. With Valentine’s Day on the fourteenth, you can let your child have fun creating poetry. You can find age appropriate samples online, that you can read together, to give them some inspiration first.  You can also take this assignment one step further, by giving your child a Valentines spelling words list that they must use in their poem. There are some fun spelling games you can also have your child do as well.

Third Grade Math

Third grade math can be easy for some children and hard for others. Addition and subtraction was one thing in previous grades, but learning math facts like multiplication, division, and fractions is a bit harder. Kids can sometimes develop a bit of math anxiety, when they do not automatically understand the material being taught to them. If your child is having some issues with learning their math this year, I have a suggestion for you. Math games! They are a great way for children to learn without any pressure. Learning games are great because they allow children to learn while having fun. You can find many, many math games on the internet, some even free. Which is always helpful when homeschooling ;)

Christmas Crafts for 3rd Grade

The holidays are a wonderful time to add some fun crafts to your regular art curriculum. There are so many to make, it can be hard to pick. So, I will share with you two that I plan to do with my children this December.

Angel Plates

What you need: White paper plates, pipe cleaners, markers, scissors, stapler

Home-made Snow Globe

What you need:  Jar, glitter, anything you would like to put in the globe.

Thankful Turkeys

If you are looking for a fun Thanksgiving craft to add to your homeschooling this month, here is one that I like to do every year called “Thankful Turkeys”. What is a Thankful Turkey? Well you have you child trace their hand on a piece of paper. Then have them cut out that paper and glue it to another piece of paper, preferably a different color. Next, you will have your child draw feet, eyes, and a beak on the hand. Then have your child cut out different colored feathers. Then all at once, every day, or every other day (that is up to you), have your child write what they are thankful for on the feathers and glue them onto their turkey “fingers”. A fun craft for all ages!

How about a Unit Study?

Fall, what great time of the year for a  unit study. If you have never done one before, you may be wondering what exactly is a unit study. A unit study is when you pick a topic (for example “fall’ or “Halloween”) and while making sure to include: math, history, science, language, you learn about that topic. A unit study can last from few days, to a few weeks. You can buy them pre-made or you can put them together yourself easily. The internet provides a wealth of free information you can use for history and science. Libraries or eBooks are great for reading, theme related of course. You can also make printable worksheets for math, themed spelling printables, or crafts.  There are many educational games online too. So, if you were wanting to do something fun this month or the next, why not try a unit study?

Safety First!

Kids today are on the internet more and more, and younger and younger. To be honest, I wish I’d had access like kids do today. Yes, the internet is fun, but it is also a useful tool. The world is literally at one’s finger tips. Still, even though I think the internet is amazing, I also know that it can be dangerous and inappropriate for younger eyes. That is why I want to take a moment to talk about how important internet safety for kids is. No matter how young or old our children are, making sure that we take the steps to provide a safer internet experience is our job as parents. So, talk to your children, let them know there are rules to follow while online. Make sure you have a safe search program on the computer and be present when they are online. Now, I do not mean you have to watch over their shoulder, but checking in every now and then is a good idea ;)