Do you fight the motivation battle at times in your homeschooling? I have. Whenever your kids seem unmotivated to do their schoolwork, stop and examine the situation. Try to isolate the main reasons.

Here are a few suggestions for motivating your kids:

  • Ask your children for input when you are thinking about courses of study. Let them tell you thing they are interested in learning. They are far more motivated to learn about something they are interested in.
  • Take frequent breaks or break work down into smaller chunks.
  • Take fun and interesting field trips.
  • Have school outside sometimes.
  • Use rewards and praise.
  • Discover your child’s learning style and teach to it.
  • Show enthusiasm, it’s contagious you know.
  • Always remember, this is NOT public school. Do things your way, not the public school way.
  • Have faith in your kids and let them know it.
  • Encourage your kids to learn a new hobby. They will enjoy researching it and learning about it.
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