3rd Grade Sports, teaching teamwork

Every child -even those who are not coordinated-need to get out and exercise. One of the most favorable ways to do this is through sports (and no I am not talking about sitting on the couch watching them or playing a video sports game). I am talking about getting out to the basketball hoop and shooting hoops or joining the local soccer or baseball teams. Some who are not inclined to these types of sports could also do swimming or the Martial arts, which are still an intense workout.

My youngest likes to kick around the soccer ball, but wasn’t interested in playing the sport on a team. I was wanting him to be involved with not only the physical part of a sport but also the feeling of being on a team. So last year we joined our neighborhood swim team, and he loved both the practice and completing in the meets! When the season was over for the neighborhood swim team, we joined a local year round swim team.  It is great exercise for him and helps get him around other kids his age. A double bonus is that he works up a sweat and socializes in between laps! (really not a problem for my talkative child) We joined the non-competitive league so that we were not committed to the five days a week and meets on the weekend. Most team sports require something like this, but you can always find a sport that meets your family’s needs. Martial arts is another sport that you can tailor to your schedule. You can go as much as six days a week or just twice a week whatever works for your family.

At this point in your child’s school career, they should have the choice on which activity that they would like to pursue. But they should be getting their PE time at least twice a week, so that they are not driving you crazy with all of the energy that they have. I love being able to find the right mix of peer activities for my 3rd grader to participate  in. Bonus, when I don’t have to listen about the Captain Underpants books story again, good humor for him- not so much me!

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