Add Volunteering into your 3rd Grade curriculum

Public service is a wonderful gift to give to your child and to the world around them. Is there a better way to show our children about those less fortunate? There are a few volunteer opportunities for your 3rd grader, you just need to know where to look. But getting them involved now with community service of any kind can be a great asset to their academic career. If they have been volunteering for a long enough time you can even get a letter of recommendation from that place to put in with your transcript, which will help you further down the road.

I am not talking about just helping out at the soup kitchen once or twice a year; usually they wouldn’t even remember you in that amount of time. But by adding a consistent routine of volunteering into your schedule, your child will reap the benefits of this public service. There are a couple different volunteer opportunities that are always in need of help (and you may not even be aware of them).  The SPCA is a great place for animal-loving kids to help out, as long as you are willing to volunteer with them since anyone under 16 must have a parent there with them. If you are raising a future caretaker, you might want to gear your volunteering towards hospitals and senior citizen centers. There are also road cleanups for environmentally concerned families. At this point in their lives you will be a big part of teaching by example, so why not add
it now to show them the benefits of helping those in need.

Anything that you can do for this wonderful world we live in would be a great learning experience for you and your child. So add volunteering to your 3rd grade curriculum!

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