Are You Ready?

Swimming, going to the beach, staying up late, and sleeping in are ending around our house. Why, you ask? Well, I cannot believe it, but summer will quickly be over. It is time to begin thinking about what will be needed for this year’s homeschooling.

Making a checklist is the way I like to get organized. I work best with something to keep me on track, so thought I would share my checklist with you. Maybe someone else will benefit from reading it.

  1. Get the house back in order.
  2. Start making everyone go to bed a little earlier each week so that we will be on schedule when school begins.
  3. Make a list of general supplies needed–markers, paper, pencils, glue, tape, pens, binders…
  4. Ask my kids what they are interested in learning this year. When they have input into what we learn, they are more willing to do the work.
  5. Look at the homeschool curriculum choices, read curriculum reviews, order samples or look at demos on the Internet.
  6. Fill out my Intent to Homeschool notice.
  7. Set up a family school calendar for the year. I keep field trips, co-op classes, attendance form dates, homeschool group meetings, and more on the calendar.
  8. Shop for used curriculum once I make a decision on what I want to use.
  9. Relax, breathe, and drink lots of coffee!
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