Art in 3rd Grade?

This subject is a easy one for my family. We are an artistic family -my husband is an artist, I do varies levels of artistic things, (stained glass, pottery, crafts) and the boys really love to sit and draw. Art is such an enjoyable subject for us, that we often go to museums and the boys enter art contests. My husband gives them weekly classes on different painting techniques and along with it he tries to provide a small dose of art history, and sometimes he likes to add fun art games. But for some families this is one subject that gets left behind or outsourced to make sure that it is at least covered or skimmed over.

For those families, I can tell you that the internet has a wealth of knowledge (as you already know) on teaching children art or the fundamentals.  Our online core subjects program offers an online companion program that teaches art  and some interesting facts about artists. My husband,who is very knowledgeable when it comes to the classic artists and techniques they used, was impressed with the art knowledge that my youngest son told him the other night at supper. This wonderful online art curriculum helps him see the artists and the art history come to life right in front of him.This year he will continue to use this program and take the classes with his dad for his art. But for those of you who do not have an artist in the family I would suggest that you search online for a center near you that can give these important lessons to your child. Even if they are not going into an art profession, they might find it relaxing or a de-stresser later in life. Think about when you were little and you were given a box of crayons and paper.  Remember how you enjoyed yourself making up wonderful worlds and pictures? Later in life – – maybe even after you have retired – – you may just grab some paints and pastels and start right back expressing yourself again!

Don’t forget the art in your 3rd graders homeschool curriculum!

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