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There is no lack of information on this subject; computers are here to stay for the foreseeable future.  Most kids are already computer savvy, but giving them some basic lessons if they need them is a great addition to your 3rd grade curriculum. There are many different areas in which you can go with a computer’s class:  keyboarding, basic computer outlay and functions, and the more advanced computer programming. Don’t worry if you are not knowledgeable in all or even any of these areas, there is so much help in these subjects that you will be able to find help on almost any problem.

Keyboarding has almost replaced handwriting so adding a keyboarding class is a necessity in our life. There are both free programs, games and sites dedicated to keyboarding or you can buy a program or subscription to add a more structured course. My boys personally like the online keyboarding games which offer them fun ways to study correct hand and finger placement. Their keyboarding is improving in speed and accuracy,which means no more one-finger-hunt typing for them.

Learning all about computers is another key skill to have. Most can turn the computer on and off and find their favorite sites. But to know how to properly shut down a computer so that you do not lose valuable data is a lifesaver! Add to that the skills to use search engines and create, then save, files will save them many headaches down the road.

Computers are here to stay, so why not give your 3rd  grader the skills that will help them throughout their school career and their future jobs.

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