Deciding on a curriculum for 3rd Grade

When you are deciding on a homeschool curriculum for your 3rd grader, it can be a great time to experiment with something new or stick with what you have been using in previous years.  With our family, my son continues to ellipsis to use, especially for Math and Language Arts; and we will began to use to help him with his writing skills. He loves to do his Time4Learning because it has cartoon-based lessons which are fascinating and fun but also give him the information he needs to complete the lessons. These are important to us because they continue to give him a sense of familiarity while we modify his lessons to include more advanced material. Or if your child needs help with handwriting or keyboarding skills this may be a perfect year to do some extra review on these tasks. My son is going to be working work his spelling and use of vocabulary in his writing assignments. This may be an area for your family to in work also, or it may be multiplication tables that is giving your child trouble.

In the beginning,I had endeavored to make our learning be more like what the boys were getting in “regular school”. My line of thinking was- it worked for me, it will worked for them. BUT after the first six  months of homeschooling I quickly realized that it wasn’t producing the love of learning that I was hoping that homeschooling would provide my boys. Honestly, my oldest, after six years of public school had lost his desire to do anything over and above what was asked of him.
I am still tweaking our schedule every year or even very couple of months to make our journey one that last through out my boys life. I may become an expert at it by the time I have grandchildren or maybe not!

So how do you decide what to include and what is not relevant anymore? While that is up to you and your child, I would definitely still cover the basics with regards to math and language arts. When adding extra-curricular activities to the schedule, you might want to focus on areas that your child is naturally interested in. One of the most important freedoms that we as homeschoolers have is the ability to cater to our child interests and allow them to excel.  What better benefit for your child’s future is there than letting them discover what appeals to them?

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