Have you ever read or heard of any of the following books?

  1. Aesop’s Stories for Pleasure Reading
  2. Animal stories in basic vocabulary
  3. Animal tales and legends
  4. Bear stories in basic vocabulary
  5. Best friend stories

They are all books written by E.W. Dolch. Do you know who he is? I am guessing you do because you most likely recognize his last name, Dolch.

Edward William Dolch, PhD, published the Dolch words list in his book “Problems in Reading” in 1948. He had researched children’s books to determine which words were most frequently used. He determined there are 220 words that children should master in order for them to read fluently. Dolch once said, “A child’s language development is, next to his character, the most important part of his school experience.”

Dolch called his list of words “service words” or “tools” because he felt they serve as a tool in learning to read. Dr. Dolch’s books might be worth finding at your local library if you are teaching your child how to read.

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