Don’t forget the recess in 3rd Grade

I know that I can get extremely busy during the school year, that  I sometimes forget to have recess for my 3rd grader. This important “school” tradition isn’t something that I usually  remember since we started homeschooling. But it is an important time for every 3rd grader to  experience. Yes, its true they will not usually have a group of friends to play with (unless the local school is tracked out) ,but it may be time to have a play group at your house at least once a week so that your child can play with their peers. Or make it to the local homeschool park day. (if yours has one) I was surprised to find out that our local community had track out days for the public school kids which we could go and partake in their “open” gym time. There are so many ways for you add the recess into your 3rd grade curriculum, even during the winter months.

I can tell the days that I have forgotten to add recess into my youngest day. He becomes very irritable and sometimes emotional about the trivial of things. One day he said, “ I just want to ride my scooter, is that too much to ask?” I was flabbergasted, up until that point he was doing a spectacular job with his multiplication facts. It just goes to show you that public had a good practice that I used to think was there to give the teacher or students “free time”. It is also a down time for the growing brain, and it gives at least my 3rd grader just enough rest in between difficult tasks.

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