Drama, music, poetry and more for your 3rd Grader

When you think about all the headlines on schools cutting  extracurricular programs from their schools, isn’t it wonderful that we as homeschooling families don’t have to!  I know that I have talked in the past about how important I believe art is, but I am talking about the other arts here. Drama, band, poetry classes and more are important to kids as a way to express themselves. I love the fact that the national problems of the schools do not effect our extracurricular art classes. And a lot of parents in my local group feel the same way. We have an abundance of parents setting up classes, plays and group get-togethers for elementary aged kids to share talents with their peers. Some might think that it is too early to worry about adding these types of classes for our 3rd graders. But I do not, and here is why.

Every child needs an outlet for their interests, some are content with playing with toys while others are creative in other ways. Poetry , for instance, is a popular subject right now with our homeschool group- yes ,mostly the girls but some boys too. Drama is another area that is gaining popularity with our group, there are parents who are directing plays through our local theater so that their children can explore this worth while of endeavors.

In our house, it is music what is creating an interest with my youngest. Unlike his older brother, he chose the guitar, to be more precise the electric guitar, and he has already made up part of a new song. OK, so it is a mixture of chords that he loves, BUT I could have the next rocker in my house;) So why not let him go nuts! At least, he isn’t sitting in front of the TV vegging out or on video games, he is using his brain even when I haven’t told him too.

I talk a lot about online programs because they are a staple in my house where my oldest can explore his interests from the comforts of home. I also research online games or videos that show them the results of others whose lives have been influenced by, or who influence the arts.One local boy we know made a movie about tracking animals and put his video on http://www.youtube.com/ for everyone to see! The sky is the limit and now is a perfect time to experiment with different interests to see if your child shows a desire to take it to the next level.

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