Exciting History

I love history/social studies. My father was a history teacher when I was growing up. His love for history and learning transferred to me. How about your kids, do they love history or do they think it is painful? They might be right. How do you teach history? Do you follow the lesson plans laid out in your homeschool curriculum to a T? Do the kids sit and read from a dull textbook? If they do, then they are probably right about history being boring.

Social studies can be electrifying. Here are some suggestions to liven it up:

  1. Read living books
  2. Play games
  3. Act out scenes from something you are studying
  4. Create your own drama or skit
  5. Dress up as a character you are reading about (this includes you Mom!)
  6. Dress up in period clothing as you study
  7. Make your own game board.
  8. Compose a song or poem about an event, person, or place you are studying
  9. Plan field trips to places you are learning about
  10. Go on a history vacation
  11. Design a poster about a historical event
  12. Interview a grandparent or great grandparent about when they were young
  13. Make a family tree
  14. Make a welcome brochure about a state or country you are studying
  15. Make a salt map
  16. Create a recipe from a time period or a country you are studying
  17. Design a postage stamp for a historical event or person
  18. Make a shadowbox or diorama
  19. Write a historical comic strip
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