Field Trips ARE Important for any curriculum

Field trips are a lot of fun for any age – – its not like the field trips in public school to the pumpkin patch! Just about any subject – – from chemistry to art – – can turn into a field trip! Almost every state has wonderful resources for you to use if you know where to look.  There is an abundance of information on this topic on the internet; just sit back and relax and let your fingers find your next field trip! Or talk with your local homeschool group and see what others have found. You will be surprised with the amount of information most groups have.

Now you might be wondering? “Why would my 3rd grader want to go and see the dinosaurs at the museum  again?” or “ We have been to the historic home of (insert someone famous here) a bazillion times, why do it again?” Well I think it comes down to this simple saying: repetition is good for any growing mind. Their bodies and minds are changing sometimes at such a rate that they might need to go back and visit places again.  Another benefit is that you can go deeper into the meaning or history of something once you have been there. For example, my boys love the outdoors and we often take classes through the local nature preserves in the area. Whether it is doing the snake identification class to bird seed feeders and the ever popular bat finding class (at night), your child will love to learn on these fun field trips.

Yes, field trips sometimes are the one thing that we as homeschoolers love to plan for our kids. Thus giving them the freedom to be with their peers is a wonderful thing. But they can also bring you and your children closer if it is a family field trip for you all to explore and discover the wonders around you.

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