Finding a local homeschool group

When searching for a local homeschooling group you may need to “try” a few out before you find the one that fits your family. We did this search, and it took us several hit and misses before we found a group that fit our needs. There are usually many to choose from within cities and fewer to choose from in smaller communities. But don’t join one simply because it is close by, you may have to go out of your way to find one that fits.  I know several “long-distance” families that joined our group because it fit their needs better than one right down the street. Some homeschoolers try to meet all their support needs by belonging to several different groups. But if all this fails you should think about starting your own group-I have found that where there is one family in need of support,there is always another!

Another alternative to local support groups is an online support group. They usually have a wealth of knowledge and a diversity of members willing to share what they know. I have found several parent support groups online to be very helpful when I needed an answer or when I needed to rant about something so I could get on with my day.  The links and curriculum reviews I have received from different sites has saved me both time and money since I began homeschooling. There are even a couple of sites out there for your child to socialize with other children online.

We all need help when it comes to asking questions of veterans or others in the homeschooling field. Homeschooling for religious reasons is only one of many different rationales for educating a child at home. The public school system doesn’t work for all students anymore, I don’t know if it ever did, but I know that I can ,with the right support make a difference in the lives of two boys!

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