Finding Your Child’s Learning Style

What is your child’s learning style?  Even if they are in third grade, it isn’t too late to find out!

We have so much in the way of information about how to homeschool our children,  but have you ever thought about how your child learns the best? I discovered several books on the subject while trying to teach my boys. We were struggling with spelling and writing to name a few.  After hitting my head against the proverbial brick wall a couple of times, I finally took the time to study how my boys actually learned. Even though we still have issues from time to time, I have found that taking the time to discover this important fact about my boys has helped us all.

So what are the learning styles? One book that I have read breaks students into three different styles of learning, Auditory( Hear/Talk), Visual (See/Read) and Tactile-Kinesthetic(Touch/Do).

Even though most of us don’t fall into one category; there are usually tendencies to one group.

My youngest tends to fall into the Tactile-Kinesthetic style but also has strong runners-up in the other two. If he is dealing with a problem in a subject, I usually try to find aids to help him “do” the problem first (usually with a lot of help from me) then add something for him to “touch” if he doesn’t grasp the concept, (a sometimes hard activity for me to make sense of).

There is so much help out there for anyone who is struggling with a subject or six, to get answers in many different ways. As with any problem, that arises in our homeschool curriculum, I usually try to get the answers for myself by asking others who have traveled the road long before me!

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