Foreign Languages in our 3rd grade curriculum

Learning a foreign language during the 3rd grade may be just what you and your child are looking for and maybe not! I have noticed that a lot of homeschooling parents have added a foreign language into their child’s 3rd grade curriculum ( and many have added it at even lower ages). I ,too,believe that it is an important step for children to explore languages other then their own to fully understand this world we live in. But what language should you teach? Should it be the basics on several or an in depth study of one? This answer will vary from family to family. If your son or daughter wish to travel the world the basics in several might be in order. But maybe your family business is in an  area of the U.S. with a high percentage of Spanish-speakers, then speaking Spanish fluently might be prudent.

So far in our household, only my oldest has shown interest in learning a different language.  Until my youngest shows peculiar interest in one language or another, we will be studying Spanish. Only because there is a need in our area for him to have a basic understanding of this much used language.

If teaching a foreign language isn’t something that you are ready to teach, think outsourcing.
There are many learning centers that teach kids and adults how to speak different languages. They usually have native speaking teachers which adds a lot to the class. You can receive a higher quality of  instruction from these teachers. ( well at least we have learned more).
Or again online there are so many programs and sites that are free to use. Many of the more kid-friendly sites are geared towards younger children, just like your 3rd grader. Don’t let your child be left behind in this subject!

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