I bet your kids have complained about not wanting to do school at one time or another. “School is not fun! I want to play my DS. I wish I could just play games today.” I bet you sometimes reply, “School is not supposed to be fun everyday!” How close am I?

You can make school a little more fun by adding games into your daily lessons. There are good educational flash-based games available for your kids to play on the Internet. Most are free. You might even use them as an incentive for completing work for the day. If they do all their assignments that day, they can earn X amount of free time to play educational games.

You might also try lapbooking and making timelines to add interest to your lessons. Hands-on activities and science experiences are always winners. Another idea is to play board games like Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Life, Monopoly, and so forth. If you have access to a Geo Safari, your kids will enjoy playing it and it is a great teaching tool.

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