Is your 3rd grader demanding more of your attention?

This seems to plague all families at one time or another, it used to happen to us when my youngest went to kindergarten. I am talking about ¬†when your child doesn’t seem to be able to get enough of you. Or crying a the drop of a hat, perhaps even falling down a lot more than normal. I believe that this is happening because they are growing at an alarming rate, during some months anyways. these are the months that i notice that my son is having problems understanding normal, everyday tasks. So we take these days and switch things up by going outside and ¬†learning about the snakes we can find. Even taking a trip in the middle of the day to his favorite park to climb the rocks. These simple changes in our schedule make my little guy happy and ready to do his multiplication facts again!

I am so happy that we are homeschooling during these times. With my oldest son, who went through the public school until 5th grade, he had an awful time during the third grade. Imagine all 30 kids experiencing growth spurts and lashing out at the other kids. He was usually at the end of other kids fowl moods then lashing out at his younger brother when he came home. But homeschooling allows for your child to be in a loving environment during his times, thus making the episodes less and less. Which I can attest to personally since my youngest in now going through his 3rd grade year here at home instead of in the public school system. The only thing he has to deal with here at home is a mother who understands his moods and helps him work through it. Or redirects him to do something constructive that always lifts his mood.

Personally, I try to enjoy my son wanting to spend so much time with me. I know from experience that it will not last and then there will be times when I am being clingy to him!

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