Make sure to add the fun into your 3rd grade curriculum

This ought to be a no brainer, right? Well most of us think that homeschooling is fun everyday, HAHAHA!  But seriously – – it can be fun everyday, as long as I am willing to do a lot of work on my part to make it so! Of course, at the end of the day we all feel better when the day has been refreshingly pleasant with no outbursts of brotherly love or that back talk that accompanies even the most respectful of teens from day to day.

Are you wondering about some ways to add fun into your 3rd grade curriculum? Here are a couple that I have tried and that have worked for us. They will give you a jumping point to find activities that work for your family. We have made a history day – – a day of studying  about a time in history that is fascinating to the boys or myself, where we do activities all day about that place and time in history. We have meals that were common during that time in history, (some are better than others). Sometimes we dress like the people we are studying, or we go without the comforts they wouldn’t have had in those days. Our favorite activity is making the crafts from the time period. We have weaved baskets out of grasses and made seals for our important documents.

Of course you don’t have to go all out like that; you could just visit a museum or learning center that has an exhibit on the history you are studying. It all depends on what is fun for your family. I love homeschooling, it is the greatest single thing I can do for my kids and I am learning along with them.

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