Making online computer games part of your 3rd grade curriculum

We have used a lot of educational games at different times during our school year. Sometimes it is to relieve boredom of rain or snow outside, at others it is to occupy your time while you work on problems with a sibling. These sites with learning games can also be a valuable resource of free educational topics. Just playing some of these games allows today’s kids to become more productive on the computer.

Some examples of sites that I am talking about are- (great site for helping with spelling tests) ( games in many different subjects)
Scratch ( free down-loadable computer programming for kids)
Animal Planet ( information and games about animals and the environment)
These may not be what your children are into but it can give you some ideas to think about based on your child’s strengths and interests.

The programs above are ones that I use on a daily basis for our 3rd grade curriculum, but there are so many others available for free or at little cost. Usually you can decide on a need that you have and find, after a small amount of time researching, a online computer game that explains or demonstrates the concept you are looking for. My 3rd grader has spent several hours on multiplication game Timex Attack, he even asked for the upgrade for a Christmas present! Now that is a learning game!

So don’t forget to use computer learning games and sites for your 3rd grade curriculum.

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