Math in the 3rd Grade

Math is another subject that varies for each student. It  depends on where your child is at with their 3rd grade math curriculum. Some children will be all the way through division and starting on basic word problems. Thus getting ready for  more complicated math when they start 4th grade math curriculum, while others who were not through their long addition problems or multiplication can work more intense this year on these problem areas. Hopefully by this point your child will have the fundamentals of math down. But if they don’t , then this can be the year that you catch them up. A good way to make sure that they have down the basics is to give them a placement test offered by many online schools. Or even enroll them in an online program for the 3rd grade to give them a refresher course.

Our 3rd grade year has been one of mostly review. While my son excels in multiplication and word problems, he still has issues with division problems.  So I have enrolled him in a very entertaining online program that will allow him to review math for three grades at a time. He only needs to go through the areas that still give him trouble. This allows him to feel like he is moving forward in the areas of math that he excels at and then gives him the time to “get” the process in other areas.

Most of elementary school is about learning something new so that our children will be ready for the challenges ahead of them. Be patient if your child doesn’t get a concept that they seemed to grasp earlier in their academic career. If necessary, come back to the concept if they seem to be banging their head against the wall on it. When they were younger we never worried if they would understand something. We knew that it would come in good time. Now we need to be aware that even though they are older, some things that they try to accomplish might take more time. When they enter middle school, you will notice that they will have a lot of review, so don’t worry if your 3rd grader needs extra time now.

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