Homeschool Portfolios

Keeping a homeschool portfolio has become very popular lately. Some states accept them as your form of record keeping. Check the homeschool laws in your state to see if a portfolio is acceptable

A portfolio is a little like scrapbooking or lapbooking in my opinion. You save samples of your child’s work during the year and store it in a binder of some sort. I guess it does not have to be a binder. You can use whatever type of storage system that works for you. You might try a box, an accordion file, a scrapbook, or so forth. You will want to keep work that shows areas of strength and areas of weakness. This demonstrates how your child is progressing.

Some kids like to help select samples of their work to include in the portfolio. That is a great way to involve them in their education. It also helps motivate them to try their best.

A portfolio is a neat way to build memories. When your child is all grown up, they might enjoy looking back through their schoolwork. It is also really fun for your children’s kids to look back at Mom or Dad’s school work. It helps them identify with their parents and see that Mom and Dad have really truly gone through some of the same things they are going through.

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