Science Studies in the 3rd Grade

My boys can’t get enough of this (hard-for-me-to-teach) subject; we all love the experiments or science field trips that we have done. But trying to explain to them why the cold water crushed the soda can and other such scientific oddities is a bit of an issue for us.They can’t wait to show their dad when he comes home about the newest experiment that we have done, but when he asks them why this or that worked  they become tongue-tied trying to explain. A lot of homeschooling parents have this issue as well. (Okay, maybe not the science majors but the rest of us do!)

A couple of ways to teach this subject so that your kids will retain the important information (not just the explosions) are to show the concept first using he many free videos on and Then talk about the scientific reasoning behind each experiment as you are performing it .(for example: what causes the can to implode when it goes into the freezing water)  I always repeat the experiment a couple more times explaining as we go-sometimes they will remember and sometimes they don’t. But they usually retain a little each time we do it, so in my house repeating is key!

Yet another way to teach science is to outsource it to someone who can! There are always classes through the parks and rec or some cities even have science centers where some experiments are available for anyone to try. My favorite by far have been online science classes. There are many to choose from, ones that are included in online schools or curricula or specialty sites that offer more science than you can shake a stick at!

There are other families that I know that group science with math studies. This works extremely well for some children, and we are even going to give it  a try with some of our work this year. I love the experiences that we have had so far for the first half of 3rd grade. Our family is all about tweaking our schedule to accommodate whatever interests us at that moment. Science is no different for us.

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