Staying Current

Even though it is summer, your child does not have lose any of the skills she learned during the school year. It is easy to keep her creative academic juices flowing.

Here are a few suggestions for staying current:

Encourage your child to read silently every day for at least 30 minutes.

  1. Read to your child every night.
  2. Ask your child to help you in the kitchen. The kitchen is a super place for learning math. They can convert measurements as they practice fractions, weigh things, measure things and so on.
  3. Challenge your child to read billboards when you are out running errands. See if they can find words they don’t know. Have them look them up when they get home.
  4. Tell your child they are responsible for helping with the grocery shopping. Teach them to comparison shop according to price. The cheapest item is not always the cheapest. Teach them to compare by dividing the price by the quantity, weight or however it is packaged in order to decide what the best price for a particular product actually is.
  5. Encourage your child to write letters to the grandparents and thank you notes to sharpen their writing skills.
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