Study Your State

Studying your US state can be very interesting for the whole family. You will learn things you never knew. It is also easy to incorporate math, spelling, writing and so forth in the study. One fun way to learn about your state is by making a timeline. You can also make a notebook with facts. Here are some facts to include in the notebook.

  • State name
  • Capital
  • State nickname
  • State motto
  • State flower
  • State bird
  • State tree
  • State song
  • Name of the Governor, U.S. Senators, U.S., Representatives, and the number of Electoral votes
  • Largest Cities by population and/or area
  • Year your state joined the union
  • Location (what US region)
  • Major industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Major crops
  • National parks
  • National memorials
  • Historical sites
  • Historical facts
  • Famous people
  • State wonders (waterfalls, lakes, volcanoes, etc)
  • State monuments
  • Tourist attractions
  • Climate
  • Average temperatures in January and July

Some other fun things to do are to make a salt-dough map. Be sure to include hills, rivers, etc. Find out how far it is from one end of the state to the other. Find out how far it is North to South and East to West. Given the speed limit, how many hours/days would it take to cross your state? Go bird watching and try to find your state bird. Collect leaves from native trees. Design a billboard to entice people to come visit your state or a specific location in your state.

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