Testing is a huge thing in the United States these days with No Child Left Behind (NCLB). I think it has caused major problems in the public schools rather than help make sure all the kids are learning everything they need.

It has led to teachers cheating so they can hold on their job. It has put too much pressure on them and the kids they teach. Students are shortchanged because so much as been taken away so they can focus on teaching the test.

NCLB is a great reason to homeschool. We have done public schooling and homeschooling. Homeschool wins hands-down. Sadly, many public school teachers are frustrated and their hands are tied. Some flat do not care about the kids. We have experienced both.

The homeschool laws in my state require us to test every three years; however, we don’t have any pressure to perform to a certain level or standard. The test results we get are more accurate since I don’t teach to the test. It truly shows strengths and any areas of weakness. I use the results to fine-tune our goals for the next year.

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