We all have…

Are you new to homeschooling? If you are, congrats! You may be a feeling bit overwhelmed at the moment, but I am sure you are excited too. The truth is, whether you have always known you would homeschool or you are an accidental homeschooler, we all have the same learning curve. We all have to figure out our state’s homeschooling laws, we all have to search to find out if there are any local homeschooling groups or co-ops, we all have to learn our child’s learning style, we all have to pick out a homeschool curriculum, we all have to create a place in our home to school, and we all have to figure out a homeschool schedule that works for our family. How long this takes for each of us will vary, but we all have our own personal trial and errors of figuring it out. The one thing that we do all share that is the same is that we all have decided that homeschooling is what is best for our children and it is all worth the effort!

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